Corporate Social Responsibility

Samawa as an entity is not just focused on profit and progress but we are very deeply concerned about the humanitarian and environmental causes. From the very start, we have supported charitable activities in UAE as well as in our home country India. We do not believe in just funding charitable institutions with lots of money, but we believe in getting involved and reaching out physically to people in need. Our main objective is to lift financially backward and needy people by giving proper education to their children. We believe education is the remedy for eradicating poverty from earth.

While in Business, we work hard to make sure we sell products that are environmentally safe and products that are beneficial to the society and its people and not any products that have negative impact on health, environment or well being of human beings. Samawa also pledges to donate 3% of the company profit that it makes annually in supporting Orphans in UAE as well as around the world by direct involvement and not through any third-party organization. We believe all successful businesses could work together for a greater cause of giving back to the community we live.

“My Humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together” – Desmond Tutu