Hugo Boss Boss The Scent Intense for Men - Eau de Parfum, 100ml

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Brand : Hugo Boss
**100% Original Perfume Guaranteed**


Hugo Boss The Scent Intense is a seductive perfume that suits men. With a supreme concentration of aromatic substances, the smell of this perfume is rich, magnified, and intoxicating. Leather, fresh spicy, aromatic, vanilla, warm spicy, and animalic accords are the major ingredients in the making of this Hugo Boss perfume. The powerful aroma of this Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum will surely attract many eyes towards you. This engaging Hugo Boss perfume is ideal for parties, dates, and romantic evenings. This will make sure that your special one will shower all her attention on you.


Boss The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss for Men - Eau de Parfum

The accords of ginger and cardamom form the opening notes of this Hugo Boss The Scent Intense. The sharp spiciness of ginger adds intensity to the fragrance. The sweet, resinous, and warm spicy aroma of the accords of cardamom blend well with ginger.


Boss The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss for Men - Eau de Parfum

As the top notes fade, you will notice other notes becoming more prominent. The accords of Maninka and pomegranate form the heart of the fragrance. Maninka notes emit a sweet, exciting, and seductive fragrance. Pomegranate notes have a distinct smell that feels sweet and subtle. The middle notes of this perfume stay with you for long.


Boss The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss for Men - Eau de Parfum

The fading trails of this Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum include the ingredients that make it distinct and intense. The leather notes are slightly pungent, soft, and also sensual. The pleasing, sweet, and comforting feel of vanilla blends with the intensity of the woody notes. Thus, these base notes emit an appealing fragrance that soothes your soul. The pleasant scent also makes you feel relaxed.

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