Mr-Burberry For Men- Eau de Toilette , 150ml

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Brand : Burberry

VAT Included

Mr Burberry is a classy perfume concocted for men. This perfume for men comes in a sophisticated 150ml bottle with a hand tied knot. Created by noted perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Mr Burberry is a woody fragrance with an extended touch of fresh and tangy facets of grapefruit. The heart is made of spicy notes of cedar contained well by the clean aromatic nuances of lavender. The base has oriental characteristics of sandalwood with earthy and woody facets of guaiac wood and smoky vetiver. The bottle that contains Mr Burberry is as classy as the perfume. With a glass body, black cap, and a hand tied knot in English woven gabardine around the neck, it imparts masculinity with a touch of sophistication.

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