Attar, Perfume Oil, Non-Alcoholic, 12ml (1 Tola)

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**Attar Non Alcoholic Perfume Oil**
  • • The Highest quality natural ingredients blended by the world's greatest Perfumers.
  • • Create your own personalized Attar/ Perfume Oil with UNIQUE Fragrance
  • • Our Mission: Make your individual Attar/ Perfume Oil UNIQUE LIKE YOU....
  • • You are unique.
  • • It’s time to explore the possibility of your very own customized fragrance
  • • What if your fragrance could complement your every mood, setting or desire throughout the day
  • • What if you could then combine your personalized attars/oils through layering to create infinite additional moods and settings
  • • It’s no longer about the brand. It’s about you and your moments. Time for a new olfactory wardrobe!

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Please Note:

1. The image displayed is only a sample.
2. The attar/oil will be similar in smell to the favorite fragrance that you have chosen from the collection of fragrance list.

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