Philips Essential Care Airstyler - HP8663/03

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Brand : Philips

**VAT Included**

Warranty: 2 years

  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler helps you achieve naturally straight hair, waves, and soft curls with the utmost ease. It delivers ionic conditioning that dries your hair without static. The unique feature of this grooming tool is that it can dry and style your hair at once. The device’s narrow connector focuses the air flow onto specific areas. Its Paddle Straightening Brush lets you style naturally straight looking hair. The tool also comes with bristle brush that can be used to get beautiful bouncy curls. These bristles retract into the brush with the touch of a button. They enable the styler to easily slide out of your tresses, once done. The Airstyler’s 38mm diameter thermo brush lets you create smooth styles and waves with just a few sweeps. Its cool air setting is suitable for those with especially fine, dry, or damaged hair. The inclusion of ThermoProtect technology generates optimal drying temperature, thereby protecting your hair from overheating. Three flexible heat and speed settings deliver precise and tailored styling.
  • Four Incredible Attachments
  • ThermoProtect Technology
  • Cool Air Setting
  • 800W Motor
  • Three Speed and Heat Combinations
  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler comes with four incredible attachments that make it easy to create beautiful natural styles. The grooming tool’s 38mm thermo brush is perfect for creating smooth waves. The narrow concentrator is great for finishing a hair style or for touch ups. The innovative Paddle Straightening Brush can help you get naturally straight looking hair while the retractable bristle brush lets you fashion beautiful bouncy curls without damage.
  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler features the unique ThermoProtect technology that enables perfect hair drying while protecting it from overheating. The temperature setting, in combination with the device’s powerful airflow, ensures the best results without damaging your hair.
  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler comes with a unique Cool air setting that dries your hair at relatively low temperature. The setting makes this device useful for those with fine, dry or damaged hair. The setting is also perfect for hot summers season.
  • 800W MOTOR
  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler comes embedded with a high quality 800W motor that lasts long and consumes low power. The powerful motor produces the right amount of air that you need for a gentle, yet thorough drying of your tresses.
  • The Philips HP8663/03 Essential Care Airstyler’s has three speed settings and heat combinations. They make it possible to achieve the hair style of your choice for parties, work, picnics, and more, quickly and easily.
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