Samawa Global:

Samawa Global is a key entity under Samawa Group that specializes in creating unique perfume brands for Samawa as well its partners. We also market these brands at a global level and make sure all the products developed by Samawa are available across all the countries in the region either through a distribution partner or by setting up offices in all countries in GCC region.


Samawa Global prides itself on having the experience and expertise required to conceive, develop and deliver a product line that provides the ultimate experience for its partners and customers. Our brands are one of fastest growing brands in driving the fragrance category growth in one of the world’s leading travel retail, Dubai Duty Free.


All operations, throughout the lifecycle of product development process like analyzing customer / market requirements, product design, manufacturing, marketing in local and international market, assigning distributor globally and also exhibiting in international trade shows are guaranteed to be executed with highest standards of quality whilst still providing customers with the best possible value.



Why Choose Samawa Global:

New Perfume Development:

We create and manufacture perfume according to the requirements and type of applications.



In-depth consumer Insights, trend Analysis and scent mapping of your brands product line to analyze potential markets.



Samawa Provides GCC wide distribution , marketing and support for your brands.



We can get the necessary regulatory requirements and approvals for your products in potential markets



For trade enquiries please contact us at [email protected]